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The Sixth Kind (Short Story) :iconxenomorph67:Xenomorph67 0 0
ALIEN DAY 2016 by Xenomorph67 ALIEN DAY 2016 :iconxenomorph67:Xenomorph67 0 0
Enola Gay B-29 Superfortress - WWII Bomber
Type: B-29-40-MO Superfortress
Name: Enola Gay
Manufactured: May 18th 1945
Owned/Operated: United States Army Air Forces
Service: 18th May 1945 - 24th July 1946
Serial: 44-86292
Radio Code: Victor 12 - Changed to Dimples 82
Enola Gay was a B-29 bomber in World War 2. The bomber was built by the Glenn L. Martin Company, now know as Lockheed Martin, on May 18th 1945 at the Bellevue, Nebraska plant. Enola Gay was one of 15 B-29 bombers during World War 2 to have the Sliverplate modifications. These modifications were necessary for the delivery of atomic weapons. This particular B-29 carried two very famous atomic bombs, the 'Little Boy' and the 'Fat man'.
On May 9th 1945 the B-29 bomber was personally chosen by Colonel Paul W. Tibbets Jr., commander of the 509th Composite Group. The aircraft was accepted and assigned by the USAAF to the 393d Bombardment Squad on May 18th 1945. The aircraft made many flights between bases from May 1945 to July 1945. On July 24th and 26th the bomber took pa
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RESIDENT EVIL 20TH ANNIVERSARY by Xenomorph67 RESIDENT EVIL 20TH ANNIVERSARY :iconxenomorph67:Xenomorph67 0 0
Alien: Dangerous Love - Prologue
This is going to be a mini story and yes at one point there will be some sex...idk I guess I sorta like writing this stuff...Yeah I have only did it once but I like it so I'm going to attempt it again. There will be a proper story though not just straight up sex. I will put a warning when the sex bit is going to happen
June 3rd 2184 18:45
Weyland Yutani Colony
Silent Valley Facility
Population: 682
SVF Park
The sun began to slowly sink below the horizon. The sky was bright orange with shades of yellow, a beautiful sight. A light but cool breeze blew. The leaves on the tree rustled slightly In the breeze. Birds sang their songs, flies swarmed in the shade, everything was calm and beautiful. You couldn't ask for anything better than the life people on LV-223 had. It was a usually quiet and calm planet. That's how the facility got its name, its not great like the others but it suited perfectly. The colony was quiet, peaceful everyone was happy in one way or another.
On a ben
:iconxenomorph67:Xenomorph67 0 5
Mature content
Cloverfield/Pacific Rim Cross Over :iconxenomorph67:Xenomorph67 1 3
The Cloverfield Case Cover by Xenomorph67 The Cloverfield Case Cover :iconxenomorph67:Xenomorph67 1 1
The Cloverfield Case - Chapter 1 - New Mission
Friday 22nd May 2009
New York City
Whitman Park
Military Camp
On the night of May 22nd 2009 large numbers of marines were called in due to reported terrorist attacks in Manhattan and explosions reported. Though it was not confirmed if it was a terrorist attack. The marines really didn't know what they were up against.
In Whitman Park in Brooklyn a small camp was set up. Marines were arriving in trucks and jeeps to the location every 30 minutes. Civilians were running scared, many wanting to leave the city. What nobody knew was out in the concrete jungle was something so terrifying, so powerful, so dangerous that no one could have prepared themselves for it.
In a the back truck on Tillary Street heading to the camp at Whitman Park was a marine by the name of Chris, he was in his early twenties was well built, had brown hair and some stubble. He had joined the army in 2006 and hadn't been on many missions and he never expected to be deployed into a combat situation in New York.
:iconxenomorph67:Xenomorph67 0 0
X.E.U. - Solution To An Alien Problem
31st May 2187
United States Colonial Marine Base
Outskirts Of New York City
Main Airstrip
The colonial marines of the New York base stood in a group on the main airstrip of the base, there commander stood on top of some creates looking down on the marines. He spoke with a loud and clear voice.
"Alright marines, as you all know we have been fighting a war of sorts for the last few years against two foes, Weyland Yutani...a now corrupt company preforming illegal experiments on extraterrestrial lifeform for their bio-weapons division, they also have got many innocent people killed to acquire said lifeform...including our marines...You should have all heard about the Sulaco and Sephora incident. We lost many marines on those days due to WU. You marines also know about the on going battle against the extraterrestrial species known as the Xenomorph. This creature has struck fear into the hearts of our bravest marines....we have lost so many marines due to Xeno attacks, civilians too...entire
:iconxenomorph67:Xenomorph67 0 0
Mature content
Alien: Infestation Of WF Chapter 7- Medbay :iconxenomorph67:Xenomorph67 0 0
Mature content
Alien:Infestation Of WF Chapter 6 To Help A Friend :iconxenomorph67:Xenomorph67 0 0
Weyland Yutani - Building Better Worlds by Xenomorph67
Mature content
Weyland Yutani - Building Better Worlds :iconxenomorph67:Xenomorph67 0 0
S.T.A.R.S  by Xenomorph67 S.T.A.R.S :iconxenomorph67:Xenomorph67 0 0 The Ultimate Film Collection by Xenomorph67 The Ultimate Film Collection :iconxenomorph67:Xenomorph67 1 0
Mature content
Alien: Infestation Of WF Chapter 5 Outbreak :iconxenomorph67:Xenomorph67 1 0
Alien: Infestation Of WF cover 2 by Xenomorph67 Alien: Infestation Of WF cover 2 :iconxenomorph67:Xenomorph67 0 0


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Well its been a while since I was on here, there was many reasons for my absence, school, family, relationships and shit. I feel better now and I'm back. I hope to continue my stories I started. I'm gonna hold back one the longer ones such as "The Cloverfield Case" and "Alien: Dangerous Love" as I simply don't have the time, nor can I remember what exactly I was doing with those stories, I will get back to them at some stage but I want to finish AIOWF first as it is/was my first ever long story and I had a decent story planned for it. I'm actually glad I was gone for a while as I'm older, more mature and a bit of a better writer now so things should hopefully be far better. Anywho I have shit to do so imma leave this here, yes I'm aware I'm not using proper words after claiming I'm a better writer...sue me

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7th August 2016
Route 375 - Extraterrestrial Highway
03:13 AM

The cold night air blew a cross the baron desert of Nevada. The desert was illuminated by the light of the moon. Stars shone brightly in the clear night sky. There was nothing to be heard but the sound of a running car engine. A silver SUV sat in the middle of the road, the engine running, the head lights on and the doors open but the driver or its passengers were no where to be seen. The windows of the car were either shattered or cracked. The front right tire was flat and the indicator lights were flashing. In the car the radio crackled quietly. At that moment a Nevada state police car came to a stop behind the abandon SUV.

The officer inside the police car stared at the SUV in front of him before picking up the radio.

"Dispatch, I gotta 10-38, suspicious vehicle on the 375, over"

"Copy that, investigate the area"


The officer got out of his patrol car taking out a flashlight. He slowly made his way to the SUV. Once he got to the vehicle he inspected the area. After looking around for about several minutes he made his way back to his car. Once again picking up the radio.

"Dispatch, I have failed to find the occupants of the 10-38 on 375. It looks like a 10-50 but doesn't seem like anyone sustained injury but something happened, the windows are cracked and shattered, right front tire is flat, the doors are open and the seat belts in the front seats have been torn out. Requesting assistance and a tow truck, over"

The officer waited a moment then the radio crackled


The radio went static then turned off.

"What the...Dispatch do you copy?...Dispatch?....Shit"

It was at that moment he heard a rustling not far from him. He got out of his car slowly getting out his flashlight again. The rustling began to get louder and he could hear rocks and stones being kicked. With that he drew his gun, moving slowly to the edge of the road.

"Nevada state police, anybody there?"

He got no reply.


He was about to turn back and return to his car when a young woman came out of the darkness and collapsed on the road a few feet away from him. She wasn't much older than 25. She was covered in dirt, small bits of gravel and blood. When she got to her feet the officer noticed three long gashes across her chest. It look similar to a bear or big cat attack but you wouldn't get any of them out here in the middle of a baron desert. He made his way to the girl, putting his hands gently on her shoulders to stop her from panicking. She continued to struggle desperate to get away. After a few minutes he managed to calm her down.

"Hey...calm down ok. Tell me what happened"

She struggled a little more then looked at him.

"...Me..and my friends..we came out on a trip then....then..."

She began to cry and then looked down at the ground.

"What happened your friends?"

"They're gone....taken...or killed...."

"Who did this? Who did this to your friends?"

She only mumbled at that point, quietly to herself. It was then a loud rustle was heard.

"Anybody with you?"

She looked at him terrified shaking her head no. He went back to the car putting his pistol away and grabbing the cars shotgun loading it.

"You stay here. I'll be back in a minute"

He walked to the edge of the road and scanned the area before moving out into the darkness, holding his gun tightly.  He walked for several minutes and had reached the top of a hill. He turned looking back at his car and the abandon SUV. It was then he heard a bone chilling scream from the girl he had found.


He began to sprint back to the road, once on the road he turned to face the SUV.

"Nevada state.....police...."

He froze on the spot. The young woman was standing motionless by the SUV. Blood ran from her mouth and her shirt stained red from blood running from a large gash across her throat. She dropped to the ground taking her last breath that was nothing but a gurgled cry as she choked on her own blood.
Blood spilled out of her cold lifeless body onto the road. The officer looked down at the body in shock. Then a weird sounding growl from the darkness behind the body. His head snapped up. His eyes met with that of the girls killer. He turned pale like he had just seen a ghost. As the officer stared into the eyes of the killer he saw nothing but cold dark lifelessness. The killer took a step into the light revealing itself to the officer. It wasn't what he expected. He began to tremble, filled with fear. What stood before him was something he thought couldn't exist. Before him stood a creature about 9ft tall. It was incredibly thin and looked like it had little to no muscle. Each of its bony fingers ended with large sharp claw like nails. One of the hands nails had blood dripping off it. A large hairless head set on top of a long thin neck. The head and the creature was featureless. The head had nothing, no ears or hair. It had two small slits for a nose and the mouth was a barely visible slit also. Most of its face was taken up by two large black lifeless eyes that where angled and started off circular then came to a point at the top of the head. The creatures grey skin hid it perfectly in the dark. The officer noticed that its shoulder had a stab wound. A black substance ran out of it slowly, he assumed it was the creatures blood. He raised his gun to the creature causing it to growl and hunch over a little in an almost defensive stance. The officer fearing what the creature would do if he didn't act pulled the trigger. His gun shot back as the shell left the barrel hitting the creature in the chest and knocking it to the ground but to the officers surprize the creature rose to its feet again growling in anger.

"What the fuck..."

He fired another shot but the creature managed to keep its balance and began to slowly move towards him. He fired again and again until the creatures body dropped to the ground and stopped moving. Large amounts of black blood ran out onto the road. He turned to return to his car only to come face to face with another one. He looked around to see another two. He was surrounded by them. Not wanting to waste more ammo one just one he fired at one of the creatures legs. Due to it being so thin the power of the shell blew part of the leg off. He ran to his car shutting the door and reversing doing a handbrake turn and slamming his foot down on the accelerator but as soon as the car began to move everything shut off. The radio began to crackle and go through all the frequencies. The pointers in the dials began to spin. Then the car alarm went off. As the lights flashed the officer could make out the silhouette of the two remaining creatures in front of the car. The officer picked up his pistol and began to shoot at the creatures through the windshield. After he stopped shooting he began to get headaches and became dizzy. The last thing he saw was a bright white light as everything faded to black.

As the sun rose up lighting up the sky with an orange glow another unit arrived at the scene. Dispatch didn't hear back from the unit that reported a 10-38 on Route 375 so two units were sent at dawn to the area and called in two abandon vehicles, a body, evidence of shots being fired and a missing officer. When the two units arrived at the scene they found the unit from that nights car smashed up, engine destroyed, battery fried, doors open and seat belts torn out. The where abouts of the officer was unknown, there was no evidence to show where he could be, this lead to a road block being set up.

The officer on watch at the block was rather confused when two black unmarked SUVs pulled up followed by a truck with military markings, it soon unloaded. At least a dozen soldiers armed with M16A4s and all wear gas masks with strong tape around the wrists and ankles of their uniforms that made their way to the scene some carrying weird cases with strange symbols on them. The officer on guard at the road block watched as they ran past him then turned back to the SUVs only to be confronted by a man in a black suit holding up a badge, the officer glanced at the badge noticing it was that of a CIA badge.
"We will be dealing with this from here on out"
The man in the suit walked past the officer before he could reply then to all of the officers in the area,
"Alright gentlemen you are all relieved of your duty, we'll be taking it from here"
Soldiers began to escort the officers back to their cars ignoring everything they said in protest. The man in the suit was approached by one of the soldiers.
"Sargent, I want you to have this little mess cleaned up before the press finds out about this or anyone for that matter, got it?"
"Aye Sir"
"And Sarge...remind one of your men to take blood samples and to inspect the body of the girl which I want you to burn when you are done"
"Yes Sir"

The man in the suit turned picking up his phone as he returned to his car.

"Yes?...The problem is being dealt with.....No we didn't let them question it too much.....We'll make something up like we always do, these are dangerous roads accidents are frequent....anything will work as long as nobody find out about....them..."
The Sixth Kind (Short Story)
Just something small I was actually ment to upload a while ago but forgot about, filled with clichés and stuff but meh whatever.
So I was away for a good bit there cause life got in the way but I'm back now.
Now for anyone who follows any of the stories I have started I will be continuing all of them eventually. I hope within the week to get Alien: Infestation Of Winters Fall and The Cloverfield Case updated, then by the start of next week I should have Alien: Dangerous Love properly started so yeah if you happen to like my fanfics and follow any of them know they will be getting updated soon and I may get some character bios for Alien: IOWF done as well if I have the time. So keep an eye out for them and the updates.
Well its been a while since I was on here, there was many reasons for my absence, school, family, relationships and shit. I feel better now and I'm back. I hope to continue my stories I started. I'm gonna hold back one the longer ones such as "The Cloverfield Case" and "Alien: Dangerous Love" as I simply don't have the time, nor can I remember what exactly I was doing with those stories, I will get back to them at some stage but I want to finish AIOWF first as it is/was my first ever long story and I had a decent story planned for it. I'm actually glad I was gone for a while as I'm older, more mature and a bit of a better writer now so things should hopefully be far better. Anywho I have shit to do so imma leave this here, yes I'm aware I'm not using proper words after claiming I'm a better writer...sue me


Xenomorph67's Profile Picture
Aidan Donohoe
15 year old from Northern Ireland.
Huge fan of the Alien and Jurassic Park franchise
Amateur wildlife photographer
likes writing, art, reading, photography and wildlife
Other than that there is not a lot else I can say about myself.

PlayStation 4 Username: Xenomorph-676
Instagram: aidandonohoe676
YouTube: Xenomorph67


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